Company Philosophy

We will keep developing and providing safe, comfortable, and simple-structured
unique medical devices according to the following quality policy
and course of action.

Quality Policy

We, as a company specializing in medical, healthcare, and welfare devices,
are committed to meet customers’ demands and provide satisfactory products.
To realize the above, we will maintain the validity of the quality
management system and keep improving our products.

Course of Action

  1. Customer Focus
    We will make every effort to develop the products that meet customers’ demands,
    provide the high-quality products with the technology we have cultivated,
    and gain customers’ trust.
  2. Compliance of Laws and Regulatory Requirements
    Recognizing the importance of our products in medical, healthcare, and
    welfare field, we will comply with the applicable laws and regulatory
  3. Improvement and Maintenance of Quality Management System
    We will clarify our quality target based on our quality policy,
    always move forward towards higher goals, and continuously improve
    and maintain the validity of the quality management system.