Application to Other Fields

Application to Other Fields

Our silicon rubber processing technology is adopted to non-medical fields.

Water Feed Balloon for Experiments with Mice in Space
* Patent pending


In 2015 a small and lightweight water feed balloon with no external power
was developed by collaborative research with Japan Aerospace Exploration
Agency (JAXA) for the small animal (mice) habitat unit in Japanese
Experiment Module (Kibo) of International Space Station (ISS).
In the past experiments, all small animals or mice being bred in Kibo
have successfully returned alive to Earth.
The experiment module researches effects of microgravity in space and aging
acceleration due to the microgravity on mammalian or human body or organs.

Water Feed Balloon
Water is pushed out of the balloon with its contraction force
for mouse to suck from the tip of the tube.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Balloon Pump for Measuring Instrument of Deep-Sea Research * Patent pending

Photo by JAMSTEC

In 2018 our drug solution sending balloon pump has been adopted for an
analysis equipment used for deep sea research which is conducted by Japan Agency
for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC).
As analysis equipment to be installed in deep sea search equipment is
increasingly downsized and power-saved, our small, lightweight, no power-needed
product has been adopted.
We will evaluate the balloon under high pressures which represents deep sea,
and improve its quality for experimental study of the analysis equipment with
our balloon.

Photo by JAMSTEC
Field analysis equipment with our drug solution sending balloon pump installed