Intermittent Balloon Catheter

Type How to use
Night Balloon Indwelling at night for nocturia or incontinence
Day Balloon Use for commuting and remove at home and daytime
Spot Balloon Use when urination is impossible for a certain period of time such as travelling, cycling, or drinking
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  • This catheter is designed for patients who have dysuria (residualurine) and feel discomfort with existing self-catheterization.
  • Temporary indwelling of the balloon catheter is available if intermittent self-catheterization is impossible when going out, commuting, drinking much water, or going to a place without lavatory, or due to nocturia.
  • Self-catheterization and temporary indwelling of the balloon are both available (DIB CAP attached).

Package Insert


A.Users who are familiar with the conventional intermittent catheterization procedures.
B.When residual urine volume is 100 ml or more.
C.When urination is impossible for a certain period of time (when going out or sleeping)
D.Nocturia (Nocturnal urine volume is 600 ml or more)Please check above and consult with your attending physician before use.

Product No. Type JAN Code Size (Fr) Balloon capacity (mL) Qty/Box
401108 Intermittent Balloon Catheter 4582143740235 8 3 2
401208 Intermittent Balloon Catheter (D Type) 4582143744349 8 5 2
401112 Intermittent Balloon Catheter 4582143740068 12 5 2
401212 Intermittent Balloon Catheter (D Type) 4582143740242 12 5 2
401114 Intermittent Balloon Catheter 4582143740013 14 5 2
401214 Intermittent Balloon Catheter (D Type) 4582143740020 14 5 2
401314 Intermittent Balloon Catheter (L Type) 4582143740037 14 5 2
401414 Intermittent Balloon Catheter (DL Type) 4582143740044 14 5 2
401116 Intermittent Balloon Catheter 4582143740884 16 5 2
401216 Intermittent Balloon Catheter (D Type) 4582143740990 16 5 2
  • D Type=Detachable Reservoir L Type=Long
  • Recommended Antiseptic Solution: 0.05% Osvan Solution and Sterilized Glycerin 1:1
  • Contraindicated Antiseptic Solution: Chlorhexidine, iodine and sodium hypochlorite
    (e.g. hibitane, isodine, hypochlorite)

※Not sterilized