ENT-DIB Sinusitis Treatment Catheter

Uction of pus
Injection of drug solution
  • For treating sinusitis without surgery.
  • Suctions and discharges pus in paranasal sinuses from natural orifice, and injects cleaning or drug solutions.
  • Silicon rubber material causes no latex allergy.
Specified Medical Material Billing Name

Sinusitis treatment catheter 3,160yen

Package Insert


A.The target paranasal sinuses have air passage.
B.Critical tissues (e.g. optic nerve, meninges, orbit) do not expose on paranasal sinuses widely.
C.Negative pressure is ready to be given on the site of operation by checking nasal septum punch and blocking airway on both sides of the site.

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700001 ENT-DIB Sinusitis Treatment Catheter 4582143741898 6
  • Recommended drug: Bestron

※EOG sterilized