DIB Trachea – Tracheotomy Cannula with suction tube

  • Tracheotomy cannula with cuff top suction function.
  • Equipped with high-volume, low-pressure soft cuff which is mild to tracheal mucosa.
  • Moderately rigid when inserting, and soft after inserting.
  • Smooth neck flange and soft neck holder included.
  • He length fitting physical size of Japanese reduces necrosis of bottleneck throat.
Specified Medical Material Billing Name

Post-tracheotomy detainment tube
①General Type / Tracheotomy tube with a cuff / cuff top suction function /
Single tube

Package Insert

Product No. Type JAN Code Inner Diameter (mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Qty/Box
099001 DIB Trachea FGM-TR60 4547319071209 6.0 9.0 5
099002 DIB Trachea FGM-TR70 4547319071216 7.0 10.5 5
099003 DIB Trachea FGM-TR75 4547319071223 7.5 11.0 5
099004 DIB Trachea FGM-TR80 4547319071230 8.0 11.5 5
099006 DIB Trachea FGM-TR90 4547319071247 9.0 12.5 5
  • Insertion of tracheotomy cannula promotes discharge of phlegm.
  • In the case of aspiration or much phlegm, suction with the suction tube will improve patient’s breathing.
  • Secretion on the top of the cuff is easy to be suctioned when changing the cannula

※EOG sterilized