What is DIB CAP?
A plug for indwelling balloon catheter.
How do I use?
Put DIB CAP into a funnel of a catheter to the end.Open the plug to urinate.
Which balloon catheter is applicable?
DIB CAP fits any silicon balloon catheters.
Can I take a bath while indwelling a balloon catheter with DIB CAP in body?
You can use DIB CAP in water as the plug is fully sealed.
How can I clean DIB CAP?
Wipe out with cleaning cotton after urination.
Any precautions for use?
Remove DIB CAP before MRI (magnetic resonance system) examination as it affects magnet in DIB CAP.
Also keep away from electronic devices to avoid malfunction of the devices.
What should I do after urination?
Dry DIB CAP with a cleaning cotton.
When you find deposits inside, remove them with a cotton bud.
How long can I use?
Please change with the new one within 30 days after the first use or when changing catheters.
Could the plug be accidentally opened?
Please fit the sleeve of the plug into the raised dot of CAP to avoid opening.